Summary Of The Outsiders

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The first setting that appears in the book The Outsiders is the drive-in movies. During the drive-in movie, Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dallas meet two girls named Cherry and Marcia. They had some food and the girls asked Johnny and Ponyboy to sit next to them and “protect” them if Dally came back. While Cherry and Ponyboy were getting some food, Ponyboy was telling Cherry some stuff about the Greasers. The second setting that appeared in the book was Ponyboy, Sodapop, and Darry’s house. The first time they introduced the house was when Ponyboy fell asleep outside with Johnny and he had to go home and face Darry. When he got home he looked through the windows to see if they were asleep and the book says, “Sodapop was stretched out on the sofa,

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