Book Report On Tangerine By Edward Bloor

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Do you get along with your siblings? Tangerine is a book by Edward Bloor. It is about a 14 year old boy who just moved from Houston, Texas to Tangerine, California. They moved because his older brother had a huge football career, and they thought he would get more publicity. His name is Paul Fisher. His favorite hobby is soccer. He has an older brother named Erik that is a big trouble maker, and he is extremely mean to Paul. As Paul struggles with a bad relationship with his older brother, he feels powerless, but soon he has to stand up for what is right, and he begins to take charge of this situation.
“It was Erik.” I was saying “Erik.”page 2. Paul is blaming Erik for doing something that he thinks he did. Erik is always mean to paul, so if paul doesn't totally remember what happened, he blames erik because he has done some bad things to him. In Addition, Paul's brother terrorises paul with many things, so paul is always afraid of Erik. They can teach you things that your parents maybe can't, and since they don't have a good relationship, he could not know as many things that other kids do know. This is not good, because a good relationship with your sibling is always helpful in life. …show more content…

If Paul's brother was nice and helpful to paul than that wouldn't be the best thing that ever happened to him. If Erik didn't take all of the attention because of his football career, he would have a more experienced a lot more in life. Also, when Paul remembered that Erik spray painted his eyes because he was being annoying to him made him figure out what happened to his eyesight. If your brother cares about you, you could have just talked about it. Erik is a horrible person for doing this, and he shouldn't have hid this from

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