Boots Community Pharmacy Application Essay

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parallel with doctors to ensure each patient receives the upmost confidentiality and care.
I am drawn to the study of pharmacy because of its methodical basis of organic chemistry combined with the complexity of human physiology, derived from a focus on philanthropy.
The routine structure of pharmacy while maintaining versatility deeply resonates with my own disposition.

Through completing my work experience at Boots community pharmacy, I was required to learn many skills and absorb a high volume of information in a fast-paced environment. Initially, this proved quite challenging but being motivated by a desire to engage in new opportunities to expand my knowledge and improve skills, I promptly adapted to the situation. Taking the time to learn from every interaction with a patient and frequently asking colleagues questions, refined my analytical and interpersonal skills as well as my ability to balance responsibilities in a time sensitive …show more content…

Accepting the position has amplified my desire to pursue pharmacy through engaging in conversations with many different pharmacists explaining their own experiences within the pharmaceutical industry. The collation of interactions provided an expansive view into 9 standards of pharmacy professionals which I use to inform my decisions inside the pharmacy setting. Within this role, I am undertaking a Pharmacy Advisor Programme supplied by Boots and accredited by the GPhC. This programme encompasses both dispensing and healthcare knowledge that will aid me greatly with the clinical aspects of the degree, as well as my professional development.
As such, I believe these experiences evidence knowledge and skills that are highly beneficial for the course. It provides me with an excellent knowledge base to support my future ambitions and equips me with the necessary skills to tackle real-world challenges in the field of

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