Brave New World Character Analysis Essay

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Brave New World Character Analysis
Lily Christensen
John the Savage In the novel Brave New World, John is the World State’s greatest nightmare, and causes the utmost problems for what they believe to be their perfect society. He has flaws, family, identity, feelings, morals, and a uniqueness to him that nobody else in the World State possesses. He is an important aspect to this novel in a sense that he helps the reader understand what living in the World State is like, and how he can relate to the world today. Because John wasn’t born in the World State, he brings ideas and aspects of himself and his background to the civilians living in the there. He represents reality and the society of the world today. John shows the World State that there is more to the world than their little bubble and their perfect picture that has been painted for the
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As John’s mother was dying, “He felt the hot tears welling up behind his eyelids as he recalled the words and Linda’s voice as she repeated them” (Huxley 201). John was about to cry because he was sad that his mother was dying, which no one in the World State could understand because death was such a normal thing for them that no one got bent up over. While John’s mother is dying, he gets angry because little boys are talking about his mother in an awful way. “The Savage had seized him by the collar, lifted him clear over the chair and, with a smart box on the ears, sent him howling away” (Huxley 202). We see here, that John acts upon his anger and has the ability to be angry, whereas people of the World State would take soma to calm themselves down. Another unique aspect of John’s character, is that he has actual relationships with people; he doesn’t just use one person for pleasure. John has a mother and a father, which is foreign to those living in the World State. Nobody has a mother and father, that would be absurd. However,

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