Breaking Stereotypes In Movies

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The effect of breaking stereotypes in movies or advertisements on our society. People tend to watch movies for a rest or advertising for new information about the products. Movies help you to reduce stress after a hard - working day while advertisements educate you about products. Besides these functions, movies and advertising have changed our mindset significantly through stereotypes. Therefore, a number of people have argued whether breaking stereotypes is positive or negative effects on our lives. Although it may be true that some audiences assume breaking stereotypes is not essential, it is necessary for several reasons. Cracking patterns will affect the human’s mindset by raising their self-esteem, encouraging them to be more…show more content…
For example, they assume that government employees are not dynamic, they always work in a dark area with boring tasks incessantly. Consequently, when they choose or introduce jobs to their friends, children or even themselves, they prefer to choose non-government jobs. It is understandable why people think that because almost all stereotypes in movies about government jobs are negative. We often see officers complain about his or her work in movies. However, being an objective person results from watching movies produces positive beliefs in real life. According to the research of professor Michelle C. Pautz, who studied political science at the University of Dayton, did a survey before and after watching “Argo” and “Zero Dark Thirty.” She found that 20% to 25% participants changed their mind about the government. According to her research, she claimed that “This research found that about 25% of viewers of the two films changed their opinion about the government after watching one of the movies” (Pautz, 2015, pg.120). As a result, they relied more on the government and then felt more optimistic about the country’s future. When we have objective points of view, we could increase our productivity since we discover our talents. Moviegoers have been influenced their perception

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