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Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding in Contrast The decision for how one should feed their infant is one that all families with infant children make. With all the research that is available, the choice between breastfeeding and formula feeding may be difficult. While breastfeeding and formula feeding are both ways to provide nutrition to infants, the two methods are drastically different. Breastfeeding is the body’s natural way of producing food for infants. Breast milk is the most easily digested food source for infants. The calorie and fat density within breast milk varies according to what the baby demands throughout developmental stages and growth spurts. During the last few weeks of pregnancy, a mother’s body creates a thick, fatty, nutrient dense milk called colostrum. After a few days of nursing, the mother’s milk supply comes in and the colostrum is replaced with a creamy milk. The nutritional value of breast milk continues to change throughout the breastfeeding relationship. In contrast, formula is an artificially made substance made to mimic the nutritional components found in breast milk. Parents …show more content…

Breastfeeding promotes bonding and relaxation for both the mother and infant. When nursing the child, the mother’s body produces hormones that help both parties to relax. Some mothers may experience significant weight loss while breastfeeding. Breastfeeding also acts as a natural form of birth control by delaying the return of a menstrual cycle for several months. In contrast, formula does not provide these benefits. However, formula allows more people to help with feeding the infant. In addition, the use of formula may assist a mother with weight loss because she is not worried about having to maintain a constant milk supply for the infant. Unfortunately, formula does not offer the hormonal benefits to either parties. But that does not mean that the parents are unable to create a special bond with their

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