Preterm Birth Vs Low Birth Weight Essay

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Preterm births and low birth weight affect different states in the USA in a variety of ways. For example, research done in 2004 proved that preterm births are common among non-Hispanic African Americans women at 17.8 percent and least among the Asians and the Pacific Islanders women at 11.5 percent. The rate of low birthweight among non-Hispanic African Americans are also considerably high compared to the non-Hispanic white.
Low birth weight among children brings creates a lot of problems. Children born with this condition require regular medication which is costly (Tambyraja & Mongelli, 2003). This condition also increases the risk of the child suffering from chronic disease. Such children suffer from respiratory problems and blood pressure. This condition also hinders the brain development in the child hence resulting to a child with lower IQ. Low birth weight also affects the family and the entire community. Family resources are spent in providing health care to the child. This condition also results to low productivity among the community members since an individual is needed to take care of the child. Children born of Low Birth weight are more likely to die than a child born of normal weight.
Preemie parent alliance is an organization that supports premature children and their families. The services offered, however, do not address the needs of the community. The community require a lasting solution to the complication of low birthweight. That is when the problems of the community will seize. The work done by Preemie is commendable, but the entire society needs to do more to end this problem.
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