Argumentative Essay On Down Syndrome

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Most people avoid thinking of the idea of having one of their future children born with a genetic disorder. But this is not a realistic thought. A study made by the National Down Syndrome Society (2014) found out that about one in every seven hundred babies in the United States is born with Down syndrome, a chromosomal disorder caused by an error during the cell division. This results in an extra copy of the chromosome 21 which alters the brain and body development. People with Down syndrome are born with intellectual disability, some characteristic facial features and cognitive delays. It has been demonstrated that the possibility of a child being born with Down syndrome increases as the age of the mother increases, and clearly women have delayed their maternity especially …show more content…

Although having Down syndrome implies an intellectual disability, Down syndrome individuals are able to be autonomous and live a full life integrated in society. It has been previously stated that an improvement in the educational system in which Down syndrome individuals are educated, by encouraging the inclusive educational system where special-needs students are able to share classes with regular students, will be beneficial for those students in their future years of life. Furthermore, promoting simple directions jobs that Down syndrome individuals are able to perform while earning a salary for themselves as well as the creation of more public living spaces for special-needs adults to live in, at the same time as being medically assisted, will make a difference in the quality of life of Down Syndrome individuals as well as in our society by making this world a better one. Thus, as the Spanish Down Syndrome Association (2017) states regarding Down syndrome adults “their personality, hobbies, illusions and projects will be what truly define them as people and their disability will be just another characteristic of

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