Brief Summary Of The Most Dangerous Game By Richard Connell

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"The Most Dangerous Game"

"The world is made up of two classes- the hunters and the huntees. Luckily you and I are the hunters." (10). General Zaroff has traveled the world to hunt the most exotic animals. Once Rainsford arrives at Ship-Trap island, Zaroff learns that Rainsford is perfect to hunt. Is he the new most dangerous game?

"The most dangerous game" was written by Richard Connell and the genre is adventure. In the beginning of the story, Rainsford fall a yacht that was headed to the Amazon. His instinct was to follow the gunshot noises on the island. After finding General Zaroff's home, Rainsford learns the game that Zaroff enjoys the most. This changes his perspective of Zaroff and leads him into the position of being the huntees instead of the hunter. Whether you are one hunting or the one being hunted, there is danger. Rainsford develops by becoming the huntees instead of the. Hunter. An example is deciding to hide or attack General Zaroff. Also jumping off the cliff to escape from him. …show more content…

While Rainsford is in the jungle, all of his instincts are racing everywhere in his mind. He enters the jungle with limited supplies and a lot of worry. If Rainsford can escape from Zaroff for three days, then he can leave Ship-Trap island. "I must keep my nerve. I must keep my nerve." (18). Going into the jungle alone, Rainsford must use his brain and skill to conquer General Zaroff. Whether he want to fight or give up, he must decide quickly because outsmarting a hunter like Zaroff will be

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