Zaroff Character Analysis

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“The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell is about how a man name Rainsford who is the protagonist in the story and the dynamic character . Rainsford met this other man named Zaroff who is the antagonist in the story. Both of the men are hunters but Zaroff likes to hunt men and not animals. Rainsford does not like the idea of that and does not want to stay on the island but Zaroff would not let him. The only way for Rainsford to leave the island was to let Zaroff to hunt him. Rainsford lived for the three day that Zaroff was hunting him. Rainsford want to Zaroff’s room and killed him. People are civilized it is just all to a different degree and that is what Richard Connell is trying to say. Rainsford is civilized, but he is still human. …show more content…

Zaroff is a static character. When Zaroff realizes that he is bored of hunting animals he finds a new animal to hunt. Once he found what he wanted to hunt he, bought the island that he lives on. From there he started to hunt humans. He got the humans by trapping their ship with " giant rocks with razor edges crouch like a sea monster with wide-open jaws" (226). He thought of it as a game but it is a really unfair game. He also thinks that " life is for the strong, to be lived by the strong, and if need be taken by the strong" (225). No matter how much you do to win the game Zaroff will always find a way to win. In “The Most Dangerous Game” Richard Connell is trying to show that human beings are civilized it is just not all of them are. He shows that not all people are civilized in how Zaroff was in killing other men for the fun of it. He shows how people are civilized in how Rainsford did not see what Zaroff was doing right like Zaroff does. It was very ironic when Rainsford turns into the one being hunted when he doesn’t care about how the jaguar feels. Richard Connell is trying to show that everyone is going to be different and show how civilized they are in different

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