Richard Connell's Biography And Short Story Connections

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Richard Connell Biography and Short Story Connections

Every person has a different way of seeing what the world is made of; the peace-keepers and the peace wreckers, or the loins and the lambs. When it comes to, “big-game hunter” (1) Sanger Rainsford, he sees the world divided between two classes “the hunters and the huntees” (1), one in which he is gladly the hunter. Little did he know the tables would soon turn against him.
On a “dank tropical night” (1) Rainsford finds their yacht near an island commonly known as “Ship-Trap Island” (1). Soon after his fellow friend bids his goodnight, Rainsford hears a distant “pistol shot” (4) coming from the island. Engrossed by the sound he accidentally falls off the yacht and into the Caribbean Sea. …show more content…

According to “Richard Connells Biography”, it states “Connell eagerly enlisted in the U.S. army…” (1) where as in “The Most Dangerous Game” General Zaroff “went into army… since it was expected of a noblemen’s son” (9). Both were in an army but enlisted for different reasons, Connell enlisted to serve his country where as Zaroff enlisted for his family’s reputation. With this in mind, Connell “continued to write during his enlistment, editing the camp weekly newspaper, Gas Attack.” (Meet Richard Connell 20) and General Zaroff “commanded a division of cavalry…” (9). This shows how both men contributed within their own armies whether it was to keep the soldiers entertained or if they commanded a division; both soldiers did something good for their armies. Like Connell, who stayed a “forever devoted journalist” (Richard Connell’s Biography 1) and formed part of the camp’s weekly newspaper, General Zaroff also kept his own interest even when he was at war,”…my real interest was always the hunt” (9). General Zaroff and Richard Connell share many different types of similarities for example both men had a deep passion for a specific thing that they both started their life long careers at a young age; “Richard began reporting on baseball games when he was only ten years old” (Meet Richard …show more content…

Cossacks trace back to the 16th century of Russia. Back then Cossacks were known as the peasants in the area of Moscow who were forced to work for lords in colonies. A time came when they had had enough so they “fled to the steppe grasslands in the south and formed their own colonies” (1). That is when the Cossacks started forming their own culture, a culture that would soon been known as “warlike and proud” (1). Known for being the “most fierce and most talented horsemen” (1) Cossacks fought alongside Russia for many years. Now a day it is hard to identify a Cossack. Many don’t know who they are and many suspicions have blossomed saying that the Sochi Cossacks are imposters. Today the supposedly “Cossacks” share a “racist, nationalist and anti-Semitic worldview” (2). The Cossacks are serving as volunteer security officers for the Olympics; President Vladimir Putin hopes to improve their view on enforcing

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