Brief Summary Of The Short Story 'Norma' By Sonia Sanchez

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In her teenage years at George Washington High School, Sonia describes herself as a shy, unobtrusive girl who always keep her head down. With many climactic experiences, the short story “Norma” by Sonia Sanchez describes the author’s own teenage life as a student who works and studies hard. The story starts off with Sonia, straining in factoring an equation in math class. She was gaining the courage to ask Mr. Castor, who gave no helpful response. The noisy students in the back of the class, which Sonia calls the “people”, are described as doing things when they wanted to. Sonia, on the other hand, calls herself as one of the “pip-squeaks”, who are not treated as nicely. However, there seems to be one person who is in neither the “people” nor the “pip-squeak” category -- Norma. Norma is a very amiable student who can take Mr. Castor’s place in teaching math, and hangout with the pip-squeaks instead of her friends. Everyone thought she was a genius because she understood everything. …show more content…

LeFevebre, in French. Mrs. LeFevebre is described as an incomprehensible hunchback that always looks lonely. Mrs. LeFevebre became so offended when Norma asked questions, that at the end of class, Norma went up to her and began to disparage her. Subsequently, Sonia never liked that class anymore. Norma just watches the students in class. It seems like she never studies. Sonia always spends nights studying with her

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