British India Dbq Analysis

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The British empire had taken over many colonies, India refused to be one of them. Britain set up trading posts in three cities. One of those cities, the mughal empire collapsed and britain 's posts quickly took control. Britain found that India was very valuable with the resources that they could easily take and use to sell to the high population of India. Britain put the justice and military system into place for India which made an efficient profit for them and made them all in all knowledgeable. Most of the governmental systems didn’t help the indians in fact the things Britain put into place for india only made india profitable for britain.

While the British believed that they helped India by setting up a government and military system India disagreed. In fact, they believed that britain caused problems in the Indian way of life. An example of this is british imperial rule established the framework for India 's justice system (Lalvani). Although, the framework did not include Indians. 900 englishman worked in civil offices yet only 60 Indians (Doc 2). The Indians really had no control of the government britain had put into place. Continuing on the lines of military and government the british created the indian army and created military academy to train officers (Lalvani). Yet the british trained officers were actually used to …show more content…

While Lavani states that britain cares about the education and well being of India disagrees and here 's why. “Some of the finest universities and museums in India were founded.” (Lalvani) After India got their Independence and the british left the literacy rates, on average, of Indians went up. (Doc 5) The british made these schools in india yet India did not have the time or money to join schools. “Health expectancy both improves dramatically.” (Lalvani) From 1900 to 1925 roughly 23,000 Indian lives were taken by famine caused by Britain. Even though Britain said that they were helping in actuality there were still thousands of

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