Effects Of Indian Imperialism

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In a political standpoint the British negatively affected India because of their crooked government which was supremely British controlled and because of their military that was forcefully imposed on the indians. A mister Lalvani once stated “When the British east empire company arrived in 1613 India had no central government system” (Lalvani) but the government that the british had set up was responsible for bankrupting majority of Indians during the famine of 1770, due to the steep tax increase imposed during that time (doc #3). Showing that the british have no interest in the well being of the people they were governing, even in their time of need. The british along with establishing a government, put into place a military “the Indian army…show more content…
Yet another quote by our friend mister Lalvani states that “as the links between the two countries were established, wealthy young Indians were packed off to Britain to study and returned home well-trained, bristling with new ideas” now this may or may not be true but even if it is, the census taken in India shows that the average amount of literate Indians both male and female vastly improved after 1947 when India gained its independence from the british (doc #9). This means that yes the british may have taught a few young rich Indians, but that still leaves the majority of the impoverished and illiterate Indian population, and even if rich Indians were taught and came back, they couldn’t do much about the condition of India because of the lack of government positions that were open to them at the time. Lalvani explains in paragraph 21 that the health and life expectancy of the Indians increased due to the british and their cures to malaria and smallpox, that albeit true doesn’t let the British off scott free, in document 11 it shows that before British rule the people of india suffered only 18 total recorded famines between the 11th and 18th century, but when the British took over India they had a grand total of 40 famines and 58.73 million fatalities. Both of these pieces of evidence proves that the British despite trying to fix problems, had caused more for the Indians in general. I believe that the Indians were better off free of British
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