Brom Bones In Ichabod's The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

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Overall it can be assumed that Irving doesn’t have a positive viewpoint of society. In the story of “Legend of Sleepy Hollow” Ichabod, who probably represents the author the most, had a less than preferable outcome by the end of the book.
He spends most of the story chasing after Katrina, but so is everyone else in the town. At one point it would look as if they truly have a good thing. All while this is happening Brom Bones does whatever he can to make sure Ichabod doesn’t win the girl. Turns out Brom Bones never had to do anything thanks to the most feared legend of the town, the Headless Horseman.
Having lost his head the Headless Horseman spends most of his time riding around the town in search of his head. When he crosses paths with Ichabod he mysteriously does everything he can to make him disappear forever, therefore leaving Brom Bones, with the girl.

This story shows Irving’s perspective negatively by the fact that the main character does not triumph and simply doesn’t win. This isn’t something you see in a lot of stories. Overall, the town has a very depressing image, almost as if it were a place where the sun never rises. The people in the town itself hardly even seem to be …show more content…

As Tom kicks at the skull, he hears a voice and looks up to see a black man. This black man was wearing a red sash around his body and had a soot-stained face, which gave the impression that he worked in a fiery place. It doesn't take long before the stranger is identified as the devil, also known as Old Scratch. His nickname comes from his tendency of cutting down trees The devil confirms a story of buried treasure and offers it to Tom but only on a certain condition, It is assumed that the devil wants his soul (but it is not clearly known at this point). The devil makes a point of proving who he says he is by putting his finger print into Tom’s

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