Compare And Contrast Sleepy Hollow

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Could you imagine being chased by a headless man riding on a horse? “Sleepy Hollow” is about Ichabod Crane, a schoolmaster in the small town of Sleepy Hollow. Ichabod likes a girl named Katrina Van Tassel, but the only thing in his way is Brom Bones. The two versions of “Sleepy Hollow” incorporate many similarities and differences. In “Sleepy Hollow” there are multiple differences between the drama and the film versions. In the film version of “Sleepy Hollow” Katrina led both Ichabod and Brom on, but this was not in the drama as much. In the drama version Katrina pretty much chose Ichabod until he vanished, and the film producers changed this to make the film was more entertaining to watch. Another difference between the two versions is that in the drama version of “Sleepy Hollow” Ichabod gives Katrina singing …show more content…

In the both the film and drama versions of “Sleepy Hollow” Ichabod was lanky and unappealing, while on the other hand Brom was muscular and captivating. This was kept the same to help the audience understand more about the characters and understand more about why Ichabod was taken down by the Headless Horseman so easily. Another similarity between the two versions of “Sleepy Hollow” is that Katrina was stunning and all of the men in town were attracted to her. This stayed the same to help show why Ichabod and Brom were so fond of her, but also to keeps the audience wondering why someone like Katrina would even consider someone like Ichabod when she could have anyone she wants. One last similarity between the “Sleepy Hollow” versions is after Ichabod vanishes, all that is left of him is his hat and a shattered pumpkin. This was kept the same in both versions to keep the audience wondering about what happened to Ichabod Crane. Those were only some of the similarities between the film and drama versions of “Sleepy Hollow” there are many

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