To Kill A Mockingbird Film Analysis

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To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is a masterful novel that dives into the life of Scout as a child. In the novel, Lee goes into much depth about Scout’s life so that the reader can always keep up with what is happening. When a book is converted into a movie, many things often change no matter what book it is. This remains true for To Kill a Mockingbird between the book and the film. The film is a wonderful work but there were still many things cut out that were in the book. Overall, the film and book share many similarities but there are also many differences between the two The film of To Kill a Mockingbird has many strengths throughout its length. The movie goes over and covers all of the major plot points from the book. It covers the major scenes such as the jailhouse scene, when they break into the Radley property, the Tom Robinson trial, and of course when Bob Ewell attempts to kill Jem and Scout. The film is amazing and is sure to get an audience hooked with constant changes happening throughout. One of the most powerful scenes throughout the film is when Atticus exits the courtroom and every person on the upper floor stands up as he passes. It shows that they have the utmost respect for him as he is trying to change how black people are treated. Overall, this scene delivers a very powerful message to the audience. Although there are many amazing and powerful moments throughout the film, there are also many shortcomings. Throughout the film, there are multiple

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