Differences And Similarities Between Buck And White Fang

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“A dog is the only thing on earth that can so close to a human 's life and never leave.” Buck and White fang similarities are pretty much the same in the beginning middle and the end of their stories.

At the beginning of their stories Buck and white fang are alike and yet different. First both dogs are mixed breeds for example buck is half saint bernard father Elmo size strength half scotch shephard mother shep intelligence stamina while white fang is half husky size strength half wolf mother intelligence stamina since both dogs get their best quality from their genders this is another similarity between them.second buck is born in judge Miller 's which he born and raised in a luxury life on judge Miller 's ranch in the warm sunny santa …show more content…

in mastership both buck and white fang are sold to cruel masters who horribly mistreat them hal nearly for example beats buck to death and beauty smith constantly taunts white fang to keep him fighting even when he 's being killed by the british bulldog both are also rescued from certain deaths at the hands of their old masters by good masters. for example buck is rescued by john thornton but is being dragged away by the call of the wild. while white fang is rescued by jack conway and gets tamed by him and has no interest going into the wild.for instance buck saves john thornton 's drowning and “ wins him a 1600$ bet so he can strike it rich in the klondike. white fang saves jack conroy when his gold mine caves and helps him strike it rich when his paws reveal gold dust on them from a vein of gold in the mine.buck is not at camp when the yeehats attack and kill john thornton because he has been answering the call of the wild. white fang is in the cabin with jack conroy when beauty smith and his henchmen attack and saves jack conroy 's life. buck and white fang both become free buck becomes the leader of a wild wolf pack and the legendary Ghost dog killing humans to protect himself and his pack. white fang is set free by jack conroy but gladly returns to jack conroy to be his domesticated companion when jack decides not to go to san francisco but instead return to the burned out cabin in conclusion this proves that buck and white fang are alike in similar wayssince both dogs get their best quality from their genders this is another similarity

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