Bull Meechum Character Analysis

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Without Evidences anyone can agree people in the on to ideas, either it being a person or an object. These ideas are attached to and let it have an effect on the people around them. Bull Meechum. The father is a colonel in the military who also plays a role in his relationship with his family. [Ben Meechum the oldest sibling in the family has the biggest relationship problem with his father. Bull is also known as a racist especially towards ben’s best friend Toomer Smalls]. The Meechums are convinced that the love from Bull doesn’t exist but little do they know that Bull loves them but he doesn’t know how to show it. Bull’s personality shows his military influence towards his family. Bull and his military life obviously have an effect on the way he treats his family. Bull takes out his anger, slapping his …show more content…

“Beat it i’m reading the sports page” (Conroy 55). This is an example of how Bull pays no
Liberata 2 attention to his family needs. Bull says anything he wants without any hesitation and does not care what anyone else has to say about it, making everyone else stay quiet. Bull makes his family miserable to the point where they feel like they are forced every single commands. Bull speaks to his family as if it is his troops. “You’re looking at Bull Meechum now, and this is the eye of the storm!” (Conroy 72). This quote by Bull said to his son Ben shows that he treats his son as if he was one of Bull’s troops. Bull’s mindset is still at the military base making him think it's okay to yell at his family the same way he yells at his troops. Bull is a child himself and cannot stand to lose. This is a sign of immaturity because of the way he treats his family, it disgusts his family but they refuse to do anything because of how much love they have for him. The love his family has for him stops them from taking everything he says personally so instead they deal with the

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