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Aside from being an antibacterial agent C. pentandra has other uses in the field of medicine. The extract coming from the left and decoction from the bark is an excellent hypoglycemic agent use to combat Diabetes mellitus. The extract was tested on rats that were suffering from diabetes and the results show that there’s a significance decrease in the glucose level in the rats who were treated. They’ve concluded that the ethyl acetate component of C. pentandra acts as a hypoglycemic agent and combat blood abnormalities associated with diabetes mellitus (Asongalem, Dimo, Dzeufiet, Kamtchouing, Ohandja, & Sokeng, 2006).
This finding and other previous studies about C. pentandra shows its potential as a medicinal plant. As more studies are conducted …show more content…

Most antibiotics including penicillin attack the cell wall of the bacteria that prevents them from synthesizing peptidoglycan which is a molecule that provides the bacteria strength to survive in the human body. However, there are multiple ways on how an antibiotic affects the peptidoglycan. For example is vancomycin, it affects the peptidoglycan but not in same manner as penicillin. A different class of antibiotics called quinolones targets DNA gyrase which unwinds DNA for replication. Since DNA can unwind because of the removal of the enzymes that do that bacteria can’t multiply. Tetracycline which is used to treat acne, respiratory tract infections and other conditions kill bacteria by inhibiting protein synthesis. This is done by stopping molecules to bind on a certain area of the cell called ribosome. Since key molecules can bind to ribosomes which is the site where protein synthesis happens the bacteria will die because it can’t carry out vital functions including asexual reproduction. Some antibiotics kill bacteria by stopping the production of folic acid which is an essential vitamin for proper functioning of the cell’s

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