COA2 Informative Essay: The Five Army Leadership Competencies

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COA2 Informative essay The purpose of this essay is to address the five Army leadership competencies. Throughout, I will focus on the three most critical competencies, and will discuss the importance each brings to national security and our defense posture.For starters, to fight and win our nation's battles, the importance of military leadership cannot be overstated! To achieve victory and superior results, quality leaders require certain skills. and fundamental competencies.While leadership, communications, readiness, training management, operations and program management are all important, the most vital of them all is readiness! Readiness helps contribute to overall mission (or assignment) effectiveness. The Dept. Of Defense (DoD) …show more content…

Operations management is the practice of highest level efficiency within an organization. How was operations management practiced? It is broken down within five steps. The first step of operations management is. Finances, knowing what your financial cap for that training year or for a certain project is definitely the most important part. then you have the operation itself with all the moving parts, do you have the right pieces to get the mission accomplished? Do we need to hire new people outsource or get new materials? strategy and planning a lot of the time military leaders love to backwards plan with a whole staff dedicated to the development of this process of the operation. Product design is the next step and that usually is the higher level leaders vision. maintaining the quality is arguably the toughest spot on military leaders where can we cut edges but also still maintain integrity of the said assignment. Leadership competencies are essential skills that every leader should possess, especially in the field of operations management. Operations management is a complex and demanding field that requires leaders to have a deep understanding of the industry, as well as the ability to manage people, processes, and resources effectively. A leader who possesses the necessary competencies in operations management can ensure that their organization is running efficiently and effectively, which is crucial for

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