CSI Crime Case Study

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In a CSI crime case investigation, a young 5- year old girl was murdered at a restaurant/play land that was surrounded by her parents and children. The mom of the young girl kept making sure the daughter stayed in her sight when she was playing in the ball pen. A play truck happened to role on to the mother’s foot that caused her to become distracted and lose sight of her daughter. In the matter of seconds when she lifted her head she noticed her daughter disappeared from the ball pit. She had one of the workers completely shut the restaurant down and lock the doors so nobody could exit. Ruther was pronounced murdered by an employ in the handicap bathroom. The murderer had to pass the arcade games and the food court to bring the child to the bathroom. …show more content…

Her hair was chopped off and she was wearing boy’s clothes that appeared to have been worn before. Her pants were pull down to her knees and glitter was everywhere around her. My first thought was the murderer was trying to disguise her as a little boy. The crime appeared to be planned which we learned in class that this is called an organized crime. The killer planned his murder; spend time targeting his victim and displayed control over the scene. The investigators used an ultraviolet (UV Black Light) that found stains of blood on the girls clothing. They also noticed the killer took the young girls underwear because it was not found at the scene. The investigators found that one of the employs at the restaurant was the killer. They found this out because a service entrance door was opened and the only way you can open it is from a code. Only the employs know the

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