Calypso's Treatment Of Women In The Odyssey

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They say Odysseus is an extraordinary hero. Others might not believe his special skills and statics of achieving his adventurers into returning home. Such extravagant women portray, in “The Odyssey” bringing Odysseus home are the ones to be enlightened by favoritism. The Odyssey’s women Calypso, Nausicaa, and Athena are the reason that Odysseus succeeds in his quest because Calypso is loving, Nausicaa is hospitable, and Athena is protective, as their actions prove. Calypso shows her loving ways in book V. Calypso tells Hermes “I loved him. I took care of him, I even told him/I’d make him immortal and ageless all of his days” (Homer 233). Calypso decides to persuade her mortal prisoner to stay with her after Hermes leaves Calypso island back to Zeus. As a goddess, they can possess anything they wish. In this current situation, despite her dirty desires and manipulation for Odysseus. The quote above gives the reader a key idea to her feelings and the use of her feelings to release and aid Odysseus in his travels home. Besides the visit from Hermes, Odysseus is homesick and indeed needed a miracle to leave the island. Given to that, Calypso love gives Odysseus the start of his return. …show more content…

The White Goddess gives him a veil to secure his trip to land and shortly to be lastly meeting King Alcinous before home. As this follows, he arrives safely inland of Scheria where he awakes and sees the princess. Nausicaa shows she is hospitable in book VI. Nausicaa tells Odysseus that “since you have come to our country/You shall no lack nothing, nor anything needed” (Homer 246). The kindhearted princess aids nearly naked Odysseus and soothing Odysseus to a new beginning and hope for his path in reuniting with his land and

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