Can Hypothyroidism Cause Depression

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Can Hypothyroidism Cause Depression?
In making the effort to determine if hypothyroidism has a causal relationship to depression we find indeed there is. In terms of which came first, this is a crucial clue as to the effects of an under active thyroid gland. It involves the choice of remedy, but moreover, it calls upon the patient to do some legwork in their own process of getting well.

Masking the Symptoms Will Not Do

Why is that, you ask? It comes down to the nature of treatment in allopathic medicine. Western medicine, while unmatched when it comes to treating trauma, uses a method of treating disease with agents designed to produce effects that differ from the disease. In other words, the obvious solution is to turn to pharmaceuticals that artificially suspend the symptoms. …show more content…

The inherent danger is multi-fold including either bringing on depression as a result of incorrect hormone measures or bringing on the condition of hypothyroidism as a result of the treatment for depression. I know. It sounds confusing. Let’s clarify it.

Participate in Your Diagnosis

Hypothyroidism is an insidious condition that appears as multiple possibilities when it comes to diagnosis. Many people who suffer from a deficiency of thyroid hormone experience the discomfort and dis-ease this produces for years before seeking help. In diagnoses, doctors tend to stick with serum tests to check for the presence of thyroid hormone in the blood. Frequently, this returns an answer that misses the underlying condition.

A more accurate test checks for the intracellular activity of calcium, magnesium and potassium. You see, one of the effects of low thyroid hormone is malabsorption of these essential minerals. As your cells are depleted of the necessary energy to provide brain fuel, it shows up as a brain chemistry disorder affecting mood and behavior.

The range of symptoms

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