Canada Ethos Pathos Logos

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Canada has a come a very long way to being well known nation for many things such as its cold weather, northern geographic location, for its love of hockey, maple syrup, beer, the wild and nature. Ultimately it is known well worldwide for its multiculturalism and safe-haven like environment that attracts many immigrants over. For the nation turning 150, it is a huge deal especially how Canada transitioned through the years and making the nation it is today. For the birthday of the nation, a logo was created to represent the big milestone and many other concepts of Canada historically. One of the concepts was representing the foundation of Canada and how it was created from the first 4 provinces Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. Prior to the logo’s creation for the birthday, there was a contest to seek the logo for the important milestone. It motivated and tested many people to bring out their inner Canadian ego to create the best logo. These people had to be creative and put their knowledge about the history, geography, environment, culture of Canada to the test to fulfill the best logo made for the occasion. …show more content…

The logo is composed of 13 points of the shapes within the design to represent the 13 provinces and territories. There are various colours on the logo that looks like a rainbow which signifies the diversity of Canada’s population and representation of all communities living in Canada such as the LGBT community. The red colour of the logo also signifies Canada’s primary colour that would motivate people to wear as much red as possible for the nation. Many people would also simply view the logo as an ordinary maple leaf in a unique, upgraded, modern design to represent the main primary symbol of

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