Canine Heat Stroke Speech

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If you 're anything like me, your dog is your furbaby, and you 'll do anything to protect him or her. But protecting your dog from the elements, particularly from the heat, could not even be on your radar, and it should be.

What 's Heat Stroke in Dogs?

Dogs already have higher temperatures than humans. The average temperature for a dog ranges from 101° to 102.5° Fahrenheit, compared to our normal 98.6° Fahrenheit temperature. Canine heat stroke is a state of extreme hyperthermia (106° -- 109° Fahrenheit) where heat generation overwhelms the body 's ability to disperse heat.

Anatomically, dogs expel heat very differently from humans. Dogs don 't have sweat glands all over their body like us. Their main sweat glands are located in their
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Heat stroke can become lethal in a matter of seconds. Please don 't toy with your dog 's life. Dogs that have suffered from heat stroke are actually at a higher risk of having another episode, so they should be highly…show more content…
According to the NAVC Clinician 's Brief, one study showed that only 38 percent of dogs died when cooled down prior to seeing a vet, versus the 61 percent that died without being cooled down by their guardians.

The NAVC Clinician 's Brief recommends cooling dogs down with lukewarm water because “cold water or ice will cause peripheral vasoconstriction and lead to a decreased ability to lose heat through convective mechanisms.”

Here are ten more ways that you can keep your dog safe from the heat:

1.Always carry drinking water for your pooch. You wouldn 't want her to be parched.

2. Immerse him in a tub of water for a couple of minutes.

3. Carry a bottle and mist your dog 's body all over. Essentially, you 're giving her the sweat glands that she 's lacking. Keeping the chest wet will help keep your dog extra cool.

4. Avoid muzzles or other objects on a hot day that will constrict breathing.

5. Turn on the fan or air conditioner.

6. Apply wet towels on your dog 's body, particularly in the “groin area, stomach, chest and paws,” recommends PETA.

7. Give

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