Cbd Persuasive Speech

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In a blink of the eye the world goes black. One’s body becomes ridged. One’s eyes roll in the back of their head as their body convulses savagely. Helplessness and terror rush over one like a tsunami. Will this be it? Has the battle been won? Is the fight over? Questions race though one’s parent’s head as they witness their child having yet another devastating seizure. To families, whose children suffer from incapacitating seizures, this scenario is all too familiar. The reality is, for many, conventional treatments fall short. Nevertheless, cannabis oil has been a miracle treatment for many of these families. Yet, current legalities place pronounced restraints on the substance. There is hope though, in the form of new legislation. H.R.2273-Charlotte’s Web Medical Access Act of 2017 will remove CBD and CBD derived …show more content…

First, it will amend the Controlled Substance Act, removing cannabinoid (CBD) and cannabinoid plants from the definition of marijuana (Civic Impulse, 2017). By removing this substance from the list, products containing CBD will be easier to access. Furthermore, it will allow for the ability to research into its medicinal properties. This, in turn, would lead to a better understanding of the product and possible other conditions that it can effectively treat. In the United States Congress, this bill yields the hope of changing the lives of thousands. As of now, any research done on CBD is technically illegal. Fear of persecution has led many companies to refuse to study the agent. Consequently, the limited research renders a minute understanding of the long-term effects of the drugs in children. Let alone, how it works to impede seizures. With the support of this bill, thousands of families can have access to the therapeutic hemp product (Coalition for Access Now, 2017). Allowing children to receive the treatment they need and researchers the studies they wish to

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