Carboxylic Acid Synthesis

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There are many types of reaction for carboxylic acid. First or fore, acyl chlorides can be prepared by treating the carboxylic acid with SOCl2 and in the presence of base. This reaction is called nucleophilic acyl substitution. The next reaction is the nucleophilic acyl substitution. The amide can be prepared through this reaction. Carboxylic acid is hard to react and produce amide directly. It is because the acid will protonate the amine and preventing it to have further reaction. Therefore, we always convert the carboxylic acid to acyl chloride before convert it to amide as acyl chloride is more reactive. Besides, acid anhydrides can also prepared by using nucleophilic acyl substitution. It is prepare by heating the carboxylic…show more content…
It has many uses that contribute to food industry, pharmaceutical industry and others. Fatty acid is a compound which carboxyl group is attached to long chain of carbon such as stearic acid. Therefore it considers as family of carboxylic acid. It can be used to manufacture soap, shampoo and detergent. Organic acids are important in food industry. Ethanoic acid can use to produce vinegar and used as food flavourings and preservative. Besides, it is also can be used in the manufacture of the fibre, acetate rayon. Carboxylic acid can be used for the preparation of different kinds of drugs such as aspirin, phenacetin and others. Aspirin is a drug used for pain relief while the patients who risk from heart attacks also take it regularly. Another type of carboxylic acid is ascorbic acid which is Vitamin C. Our body cannot synthesis this kind of acid itself but need to take from outside such as fruits and vegetables. Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons and many soft drinks contain the tri–carboxylic acid citric acid. It can be used in baking powder to react with sodium bicarbonate giving the raising action from carbon dioxide gas formation. The same combination can be used to give the fizzy drink effect in medicines like ant–acid stomach powders. Compound with carboxyl group can be converted to esters easily. Thus it is used commercially as raw materials for the production of synthetic odors and flavors. Ester also have others uses such as ethyl acetate is a good solvent and can be use for manufacture of nail polish

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