Carl Jung: The Ideas Of Psychology And Behavior

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Carl Jung thought that some parts in unconscious are much bigger then sexual or aggressive emotions. In his writings about the person he explains that individuals are motivated by some unexplainable forces and forms that comes from the DNA. He believes that genetic code has a soul material that explains people’s aspiration to creative progressiveness and physical perfection. Jung’s theory about a psychological behavior helps us to understand the nature of people’s emotions, their relationship with he nature etc. it means the social behavior. During the psychoanalysis there were a lot of complicated ideas in such sciences as psychology, philosophy and literature. It was hard to find the reasons why he became such a famous psychologist and philosopher, and there are only two things that are really important in his writings: it is the individual structure and his archetypes. Jung thought that psychology is the science of the future. The main problem for him was not the Global Warming or a big atomic catastrophe, the main was the psycho epidemic. So in our life only people can help to each other, and the main factor of the populations epidemic is problems with psyche. Ideas about the psyche energy came from the division of people into 2 two parts: introverts and extraverts. As we know introverts are the people who connect their own libido with their little “world” inside of them, but extraverts are the people who lives only “outside” of himself. But every human has a
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