The Good Daughter Caroline Hwang Analysis

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Nowadays, most of the parents have the desire to protect their children, and they are always making sure that the children have everything they need from having food to growing in a safety and clean environment. Parents cannot help the need of being part of the children's lives, which is not bad it is their job to be part of their lives (the children need to know that the family is the key of society), but sometimes this stand on the way of their children privacy. Every parent is different and parents tend to grow their children in the best way possible even if this means making decisions for them without knowing what their children really want. An example of this would be some of the Asian parents, they usually do not give their children privacy and independence. In many cases the children do not have control over their own lives. This could be one of the many reasons for children struggling with their life, not really …show more content…

The narrator describes the conflict she has with her parents, how her life has never been easy and how her parent criticize every decision she makes. She is not a confident person, because she almost never takes decision for herself. She is always following her parents wishes without expressing what she really wants. The narrator points out how sometimes her parents feel disappoint of her for leaving school and not going to law school as they want. She also mentions how difficult is for her to deal with the fact that “We are the first generation and

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