Case Study Of Bronfenbrenner's Family

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Celeste, a tough sixteen year old adolescent, strong willed, but occupied with emotions and struggling to deal with family, remains to hold up herself together to face the world. Her family is her mother and elder brother as her father has left them when she was 12 years old. That was when she just stepped into the most fragile age; the age adolescence; when children thinks about everything and all the things around them and within themselves. The separation from her father did have a great impact on her as she was really attached to him. This did improve the mother daughter bond, but it also caused diminutive issues with in the family She started to believe that she doesn’t get as much as attention she needed to get from the family, and this weakened the bond which held the family together. She started spending more time with her friends and she was much more attached to them and also considered her friends as family. She also got involved in a romantic relationship, and got caught and upon being asked to end it she remained to see that boy. She was very stubborn and did what she thought was…show more content…
Celeste, had similar issues like many other adolescents. She faced a lot of ups and downs in her life which contributed towards shaping. She has been influenced by different systems explained in the theory. For instance, separation of her parents, growing up in Italy, financial issues, and poor relationship with the family. Firstly the separation of her parents directly influenced on her; Even though her mother was understanding, loving and caring, she was unable to fill in the gap of a father. Celeste missed the presence of her father and this actually might have contributed in her stubbornness and attitude towards the family. Her mother’s strategies were not sufficient to guide her, because due to the family issues and poor relations, in her life her friends had the most
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