Case Study Of Catlyn's Parents In Jail

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Catlyn’s parents have been in jail since the beginning of October. Catyln’s grandfather told Catlyn to stay with Onnie. Onnie is the mother to Catlyn’s friend. Onnie found out the parents were in jail two days later on the news; Catyln had been with Onnie since. On 10-19-15, Linda (grandmother) picked Catyln up from Onnie’s home. Linda is not capable of caring for Catlyn. Linda is ill and abuses her medications. Linda would tell Catlyn that she is going to end up like her mother, or go to jail. Catlyn threatens to run away if no one helps her. When the parents got arrested, no one said anything to Catlyn, or made any arrangements, other than sending her to Onnie’s home. Both parents violated their probation. The father is in jail for multiple

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