Case Study Of The Tort Of Negligence

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Torts are crimes that a party commits wrong to another. The injured party is allowed by law to sue the perpetrator. The injured party will be the plaintiff while the perpetrator will be termed as tortfeasor. There are different kind of Torts, however the Negligence Tort, which is when a party fails to care for the other when they are obligated to by circumstance. The primary aim of this paper is to formulate a case study and discuss the Tort of negligence in the event. We look at one, Leonard who is affected by an accident caused by Laura
Case Study
Molly is a mother of one, a two-year-old baby girl named Rhonda. One day she decides to take, her daughter to a nearby playground. In the playground, she lights up a cigarette, as she gets involved in a conversation with another parent named Dilbert. Dilbert is a good-looking man and to some degree have Molly distracted. Rhonda, on the other hand, gets her freedom and walks into the road.
Dilbert notices a feasible danger and follows Rhonda; he manages to save the baby from a possible accident occurrence. A driver named, Bob, almost ran over Rhonda even though he was driving within the required speed limit. Nevertheless, Dilbert bubbles with energy and collides with the van; he incurs serious injuries. Bob slip off the road and hit equipment on the playground. Fortunately, there was no child playing on the device.
Laura, who was speeding her car right behind Bob, notices the mishap and takes a swift break. She

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