Case Study: Rosemount Measurement

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TG3001 – Industrial Practice
Report-2 The Organization

Emerson Process Management Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Rosemount Measurement

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Kaung Si Thu
A0103596A 1.0 - Rosemount Measurement - Emerson Process Management 3
1.1 - Growth and Expansion 3
2.0 - Primary Products 4
2.1 - Pressure 4
2.2 - Differential Pressure Flow 4
2.3 - Temperature 5
2.4 - Level 5
3.0 - Mission and Values 6
4.0 - Business Model 7
4.1 - Results, not Politics 7
4.2 - Open Communication 7
4.3 Strong commitment to technology 7
4.4 - Customer Commitments 7
4.5 - Accessible Management 7
4.6 - Planning 7
4.7 - Acquisition 8
4.8 - Community and Culture 8
4.9 - Leadership development 8
5.0 - Summary 9 1.0 - Rosemount Measurement - Emerson …show more content…

The headquarter is located in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

1.1 - Growth and Expansion
Rosemount Engineering Company was founded in 1956 as a supplier of precision products for the aerospace industry. The company quickly grew with the success and expansion of the U.S. space program and continued to apply the same rigid standards that aided NASA’s success to the development of breakthrough products for the process industries. In 1966, the company diversified its customer base by targeting not only government agencies, but also the commercial processing industry.
Rosemount Engineering was a custom business in those early days. The government supplied the company with sensor specifications, and Rosemount would fabricate them. Nearly all its sensors were used in aircraft and missiles. Its products were technologically advanced and produced at low volumes and high labor costs; in 1960, 24 of the company's 144 employees were …show more content…

2.0 - Primary Products

2.1 - Pressure
Emerson’s Rosemount brand is synonymous with reliability and dependability which has resulted in more than 8 million units installed worldwide. Rosemount pressure instrumentation includes the world’s first scalable measurement architecture. It incorporates all the functionality of a complete pressure transmitter but allows the customer to scale up from basic process measurement to advanced PlantWeb capabilities.
Emerson has also taken Rosemount pressure transmitter technologies and customized them to meet the needs of specialized oil and gas, pharmaceutical, food & beverage and critical HVAC system applications. The transmitters are available with flanges, manifolds, diaphragm seals and primary elements in a single installation-ready solution for pressure, level and flow applications.

2.2 - Differential Pressure

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