Case Study: The Mysterious Space Trooper

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The Mysterious Space Trooper One day on the 15th of September there was a mysterious but friendly space trooper. The space trooper was lonely and sad because he had nothing to do except skateboarding. He lived on the moon and he noticed there would be no one to be his friend because there are no people or any other friends that live in space but one day he found an alien and the alien didn’t want to be the space trooper’s friend because the alien thought the trooper was bad.

After that, the strong trooper was doing a skateboard trick but his skateboard /broke apart and then he fell over and also he hurt his knee when the skateboard was broken. There was no one to help him so he was upset and he also couldn’t do his skateboard tricks with
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They are ready for their mission to go the moon! John wants to be an astronaut when his older and Bob wants to be a scientist and an astronaut.

After 5 minutes they blasted off into space and they went past the atmosphere with their super fast spaceship. The spaceship was made of metal and iron. The spaceship had twenty boosters and it had a massive fuel tank. Then there is trouble, some parts are falling off the spaceship so they quickly landed on the moon.

When they arrived they saw a weird thing on the moon. Bob thought it was an alien but John thought it was a space trooper and he also thought he was upset. So they went to help him and the nice space trooper was so excited that they came. The boys also gave him a new skateboard and they got all of the rocks out of the skateboarding area. The energetic space trooper felt better and he showed his skateboarding tricks to the boys. They were friends and John and Bob had to leave. So they said bye and they left. They went home safely and the trooper was upset because they couldn’t stay for that long and the boys were proud that they could meet a space trooper in
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John wanted to go to space again same as Bob. So they had a plan to go to space again. They fixed their spaceship’s engines, windows and they filled the petrol tank with fuel. They also cleaned the spaceship and it looked like new. Bob made an experiment to make the powerful engine even more powerful. John added a massive booster which is seven tons. He also adds a jet engine which is faster than the other one. The two boys helped each other to make their spaceship better.

They started the spaceship’s engines and it sounded like thunder by the new jet engine. They went off and they were near space already. Chapter 3: Space Disaster

When we made it to space there was space junk and there was lots of it. It is everywhere and we couldn’t see anything because our windows were covered with junk. So we had to go outside with our space suits to get rid of the junk. It took a long time but we managed. After that, there was more space junk and it got in our engines. Our engine is full of it and then the main engine failed so we only had the jet engine and the backup engine.

We used the backup engine and it nearly failed. We are going to be doomed! The spaceship was nearly falling in parts and our spaceship was getting destroyed. We quickly landed on the moon and we saw the space trooper. The trooper was so glad that we came and he was full of joy. We told him if he could help us and he agreed.

Chapter 4: Finally

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