Casey Anthony Case Analysis

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Florida courts are plagued with too many people appointed or elected who are entrusted with the sole responsibilities of doing out justice in their public official capacity, who often times suffer from the common syndrome of lacking the ability to separate the administration of justice from the imbuing of their very own interest and passion. Court Judges, prosecutors, and even law enforcement officers very often cannot resist the urge to impart their very own passions and interest into the administration of justice. Far too often an individual’s social, background, and even financial status plays a significant role into the courts official’s decisions and administration of justice. The decision to impose a stiff penalty as oppose to showing …show more content…

Two different crimes but one thing in common. Both Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman were both acquitted of their crimes. George Zimmerman allegedly killed Trayvon Martin and Casey Anthony was acquitted of allegedly killing her little daughter Caylee. I followed very closely to the Casey Anthony case and when they announced that she was found not guilty for killing her daughter I was speechless. I’m pretty sure all of us knew she was guilty. Items did not match up. So how could this women seriously get away with killing her little girl? One word…EVIDENCE! Both of these defendants were acquitted of their charges due to lack of evidence. They were not able to prove that beyond a reasonable doubt that George Zimmerman and Casey Anthony did in fact murder Trayvon Martin or little …show more content…

That was proven, but that does not prove how Caylee died or who put Caylee in that trunk of the car. In order to charge someone with murder, you need to know how they killed a person, or at least be able to answer who, what, when, where why and how. None of those questions were answered. They were not able to prove how Caylee died and that was a big factor! The prosecution failed miserably. Unfortunately in the Casey Anthony’s case there was a lot that could have been different or done better. The biggest problem that the prosecutors faced was lack of evidence especially lack of evidence in the cause of death of Caylee. Don’t get me wrong, the prosecution had evidence but all the evidence they had, was circumstantial. The prosecution for the Zimmerman case had the same problem with the evidence that they had. The prosecution was never able to give a real explanation on how Trayvon Martin died. The prosecution also had too many witnesses which really had an impact on this

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