Hae Min Lee Thesis Statement

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Think about how often people get arrested and how often trials are held every year, let alone everyday. Oftentimes, innocent people are accused and charged for a crime that wasn’t there fault. This was the case for Adnan Syed, an innocent guy who was put in jail for a murder case. On January 13, 1999, Hae Min Lee was murdered at the age of 17. The evidence for this case was very unexplainable, but of course, the state went after Hae’s ex-boyfriend Adnan who really had nothing to do with the murder. Things that prove Adnan’s innocence are the breakup between him and Hae, how Adnan thought about and his feelings towards Hae, how the times and stories told with others didn’t suit well, and his alibi. Additionally, his DNA didn’t match with items found near Hae and her autopsy and medical evidence didn’ match the stories told by Jay, inaccurate stories that the state relied on. As has been noted, the past relationship and breakup had a big part in Adnan’s conviction, however according to many people, this doesn’t add up. The motive for this murder, claimed by the state, was that Adnan was upset about the breakup between …show more content…

“'And her skirt was on but pushed up... There were hairs on her body, two of which were microscopically compared to Adnan, and he was excluded and they didn't belong to her either.'” Deirdre Enright states that the hairs on Hae’s body didn’t match Hae or Adnan leaving room for a possible suspect. Since the hairs near Hae’s body didn’t belong to Adnan, and there are no other DNA tests linking Adnan to Hae, nothing proves he was the one who killed her. The DNA wasn’t tested until years later which is potentially a piece of evidence that could’ve saved Adnan from going to prison. Along the same lines, Hae’s autopsy report showed that she was face down for at least eight hours right after she was

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