Catch Inc Program Analysis Essay

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Agency Setting
I am currently interning at Catch Inc. in South Philadelphia. The program I intern is called Penrose Community Integrated Recovery Center. The client could have bipolar type I or II, Schizophrenia, Borderline Personality Disorder, and Major Depressive Disorder. The purpose of a CIRC program is to allow clients with a serious Mental Health Disorder to be hopeful, self-determined, Empowered and work on their recovery goals. With the help of counselors, Mental Health Technicians, the Director, and the Peer Specialists they are able to work towards these goals. Presenting Concerns My role in this program is to facilitate a Current Events and Social Skills Group. We do have schizophrenic clients who will speak to their delusions during group at times that can be distracting and it is an uncontrollable action. Depending on the day at least 50 clients attend each group; I started to notice the flaws. One specific flaw is clients …show more content…

Not all the participants follow the rules and it is causing frustration for facilitators of the groups. With the permission of the counselors, the Certified Peer Specialist, and the Director of the program. I dedicated a group about rules/norms and I broke it down to three sections on the whiteboard; rules for you, Peers and the Program. I decided to involve all clients because it’s their program. Staff members and the Director are here to support them, but their recovery goals are in their hands. It is always important to have input from all clients because if a group of clients are being disrespectful to all the participants. The clients need to speak up about how it makes them feel. During this activity clients did speak up for themselves. By me asking for their input, it proves they want their voices to be heard. It’s just tapping into how to be respectful about it. All the clients seemed to be interested in this

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