Catholic Family Center Reflection

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While Volunteering at the local Catholic family center, I was able to make connections on what I learned in class. Through the different readings, I was able to identify the similarities of the people that I worked with and their life situations to the theme of the books and documentary that we focused on in class.
The people that I worked with were fellow refugees and immigrants seeking help to become US citizens. I was responsible to pre- screen the applicants and make sure that they met the requirements and had the proper paperwork to be able to move on the next step. Having been through that process myself, I was able to provide some comfort and share my personal experience to the to the clients because this process that can be very stressful.What does this have to do with Labor economics? Most of the people that comes through the …show more content…

What can we do
There are a lot of other places like Catholic family center out there but many people doesn’t about them. Immigration should be able to send out brochures to these families in their native language so they can know where to go for help. It’s not that these programs doesn’t exist, it 's that a lot of people doesn’t know about them. If America is the land of opportunities, how come only a few is taken advantage of them?
Catholic family center is a place where thousands of people from all over the world come to get help, that is where all of the social issues intercept. I was able to make contact with people that experience these issues first hand. The American Dream is the belief that if you work hard and get a good education,it is possible to live a good life. How possible is upward mobility is for some immigrants when they do not have access to basic necessities to be able to compete in today’s society.. From the surface, it is hard to see how helping someone prepare to take a civics test can relate to a Labor economics class but the issues that they are faced connect to the different books we learned in

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