Causes And Symptoms Of Lung Cancer

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What is cancer?
Cancer is a name of a group of similar diseases that have similar characteristics. Cancer is caused when there is a mutation in the DNAs ability to replicate, this effects the growth regulating gene. The reason there is a mutation in the gene can be caused by many things, a few being age and viruses; these two factors disrupt the cells growth. What happens then is that the cells start to divide in an uncontrollable and abnormal way. This leads to the growth of masses of cells, which are called tumours, you do however get non-cancerous tumours called benign, these are slow growing and it doesn’t grow on vital tissues. Cancerous tumours are called malignant tumours and these cells are fast growing and they spread rapidly and grow
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Symptoms that can occur everywhere else in the body; weight loss, fatigue, headaches, bone or joint pain and general weakness.

Who is most affected by this type of cancer?
Lung cancer affects men and women. It is the second most conman cancer, about one out of four cancer deaths are caused due to lung cancer. More people pass away due to lung cancer compared to colon, prostate and breast cancer combined.

About two out of three people with lung cancer are older than 65, and about less than two percent are younger than 45.

The most common reason of lung cancer is because people smoke cigarettes. The chemicals in the cigarettes cause chronic irritation which promotes cell division as the cells want to replace the ones damaged from the chemicals. As there is more cell division, a mutation in the DNA can occur and rapid growing of cells can occur and cause a tumour to
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Factors that predispose humans to cancer and measures to avoid cancer.
There are factors that cause people to get cancer in which you can’t avoid. Oncogenes are genes that predispose people to cancer. Oncogenes are made in a way that make them stuck in a stage of constantly being active, this can cause uncontrollable growth in the cells and this can cause a tumour.

Age is also a factor that predispose humans to cancer, there is nothing we can do about it. As we get older our DNA has copied itself so any times and this can cause them to make a mistake and this leading to a tumour. We can avoid getting cancers by not smoking as well as minimising the amount of contact you come wit UV radiation, such as x-rays. You can also avoid cancers by not drinking to much alcohol, by having a healthy lifestyle and always wearing

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