Unit 2 Degenerative Disease

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Task 2

Degenerative Diseases -
Alzheimer’s -
There are seven risk factors of Alzheimer’s disease and they include:
- Age: After 65 the risk will increase, symptoms can start developing as early as their 30s for people with rare genetic changes.
- Family history and genetics: If one of your parents has Alzheimer’s, you will become more at risk of developing it also and this can also be from your sibling also.
- Sex: Even though women live longer than men, they may be more at risk of developing this disease than men.
- Mild cognitive impairment: People with MCI are more at risk but it is not certain that they can develop dementia later in their life.
- Past head trauma: Two problems can be at greater risk of this disease and that is for people who have had bad head trauma or repeated head trauma.
- Lifestyle and heart health: There are some life styles that can be at a bigger risk of developing this disease and a few of them are: lack of exercise, smoking, poorly controlled diabetes, a diet that lacks fruits and vegetables.
- Lifelong learning and social engagement: Mentally and socially stimulating activities can also increase the risk of developing this disease, these activities will include: increased levels of formal education, a stimulating job, mentally …show more content…

Fractures could include into back or neck pain also and this stage is when the compression of the spine will be caused, this could lead to loss of height and at this is the most noticeable stage where height will be lost and it is visible. The upper back can also develop a slight curving and this will be because of a stooped posture also known as kyphosis, both neck and back pain will start to develop which could also affect breathing as the extra pressure on the airway is

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