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Risk Factors for Stress Fracture You Should be Wary of

Do you know what a stress fracture is? As its name suggests, a stress fracture is a type of fracture that occurs due to the overuse of your muscles and bones. It commonly occurs among athletes since they are actively using their body and do high impact trainings.

In a stress fracture, when your muscles undergo a lot of wear and tear, it lessens their ability to absorb impact. Say, you’re a runner and the muscles on your feet undergo a lot of stress due to overuse. Your feet were unable to absorb impact from the ground like it used to.

Over time, your worn out muscles are unable to protect your bones too. Hence, your tired muscles transfer the impact to your bones causing your bones
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Because if they don’t do such trainings, an athlete won’t be able to compete and win sports events and a police or military officer won’t be able to go up against law violators or terrorists.

On the other hand, if you’re a manual laborer, your hands, arms and feet are also quite overused. Say, you work at a construction site and you often work with masonry and heavy vibrating equipment. The constant impact you received on your hands and arms causes your hand and arm muscles to wear and tear making your bones susceptible on forming tiny fractures.

You are a woman.
Based on a study, women are more prone to sustaining stress fracture than men. This is because women have a different bone anatomy and have smaller muscles than men. But if you’re a physically active woman, your chances of developing stress fractures may be reduced.

Aside from the difference in physique, women also have lower aerobic capacity and women are more prone to having a poor diet. Most women have eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia, so a woman’s body become weaker and more prone to injuries.

You’re a Caucasian or

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