Cause And Effect Essay On Lacrosse

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Lacrosse: The effect

This story is about my life and how lacrosse has influenced me to this day. Before playing lacrosse, I was not committed to doing anything. I lacked discipline and it showed throughout my daily life. For example, during the years I was in elementary school I would be placed into low-skill level classes, goofing off, and having complete disregard for my future. It wasn’t until I started playing lacrosse that I saw how important it was to take academics seriously. As time went by, I realized how important it was to have good grades. Because of this, I was able to start focusing on getting recruited by a school that had my academic interests in mind. …show more content…

After a year had gone by, I realized that I was very naturally good at lacrosse. I joined a club team, where I met my future mentor, Adam Rand. Adam was a professional lacrosse player who had retired and started up a youth club team with the focus of getting kids to a college level. He influenced the way I played lacrosse, by teaching me things about the sport of lacrosse. Adam had taught me a lot of life lessons as well: for example, when I got hit, he taught me how to get back up. He created muscle memory in me, and now it's like a reflex to me. Furthermore, Adam introduced me to his trainer who helped me become more in touch with my hand-eye coronation. Adam's trainer taught me everything that I know today about weight training. I owe my love of exercise to him and his …show more content…

While I was here, I had so much fun. The first week all the upper-class students made it their mission to bring us out and show us what being on the team was like. Being on the team helped me develop a daily routine, that takes an exceptional amount of discipline to sustain. One way discipline was needed was when I would have to wake up for five am or 6 am lifts. This needed discipline because I would have to force myself to get up at those times. I felt at ease when I realized how rewarding it felt when I was able to finish those lifting sessions. I had inquired about a book a while back called “The mental Game of Lacrosse”. This book talks about the mental side of lacrosse and how it can play into our daily lives. The book reveals the mental state your brain goes through when playing lacrosse. The author explains that, while you're playing you start to develop “mental toughness”. This can be seen as a player continuing to play when they get knocked down, or a player playing in the worst kind of weather. It is simply, the ability to allow yourself to let go of the negatives and focus on the

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