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Frostbite happens when the skin and tissues freeze and become damaged due to exposure to freezing temperatures. Commonly affected areas include the feet, hands (especially the fingers), nose, cheeks, and ears. Frostbite can be mild or severe. Mild damage may be reversible, but severe frostbite may result in permanent tissue death or loss.

This condition is caused by exposing skin to freezing temperatures.

This condition is more likely to develop in:
• People that are outside a lot, such as hikers, hunters, and the homeless.
• People who take beta blockers and are exposed to cold temperatures.
• People who are dehydrated and are exposed to cold temperatures.
• People who drink alcohol and are exposed to cold …show more content…

• Keep all follow-up visits as told by your health care provider. This is important.

• Do not ignore the early symptoms of frostbite, such as numbness, pain, and red skin. Get out of the cold right away.
• Do not drink alcohol before going out into the freezing cold. This increases heat loss and increases chances of frostbite.
• If you are going outside in the cold weather:
○ Wear warm, loose-fitting clothing in layers.
○ Wear waterproof and wind-resistant clothing.
○ Wear mittens. Mittens lock in air, and the fingers help warm one another.
○ Wear 2 pairs of socks.
○ Wear waterproof boots or shoes that are not tight-fitting.
○ Cover the head, ears, neck, and face if necessary.
○ Keep clothes dry.
○ Keep your body moving to help your body stay warm.
• Plan ahead if you are going to be exposed to freezing temperatures and windchill.
○ Pack food when you plan to be in the cold. Increasing your caloric intake to a high level increases your internal heat.
○ Carry extra blankets and clothing in the car during cold weather.
○ Dress accordingly. Wind is an important factor that can increase the risk of frostbite. Avoid high winds when the temperature is

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