Causes And Effects Of Oil Pollution In Water

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Karaawi suadad Oil pollution in water Water is considered the main source for life, Its covered 71% of the Earth 's surface and 75% of our body mass, so any contamination in the water its lead to huge effect on the organisms life and their environment (1),there are many sources for water pollution classified into :biological pollutants (bacteria ,parasite, viruses etc.),chemical pollutants (oil, metals etc.), physical pollutants(sediment or organic material suspended in the water).(2) Oil pollution come from oil spill, this can happen by different ways like :oil loading, unloading or pipeline operation, collision or grounding of oil vessels ,They can also arise from tankers or barges ,exploration and production operation ,and there are also other non-operation sources such as urban runoff and natural seepage.(3) when oil spilling happened many living organisms affected especially in the area near the spilling. Iraq is an oil country because it has the second largest oil reserves in the world, after Saudi Arabia. The Rumaylah field in the south contains about 1000 wells, and the Kirkuk oil field in the north contains around 500 wells.(4) The current capacity for the production of oil up to 2.8 Million Barrels Per Day (5),Iraq overlooking the Arabian Gulf as well as many Oil-producing countries such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia ,Emirates Bahrain, Qatar, Iran, thus any oil spill in one of these countries may be transmitted to the other

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