Causes Of Child Trafficking

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Causes of child trafficking are multiple and complex. However, some of the common causes are poverty, lack of employment opportunities, low social status of the girl child, a general lack of education and awareness, inadequate legislation, and weak law enforcement agencies. There are certain other cultural factors that are responsible for child trafficking. Sometimes it becomes difficult to distinguish between the cause and the purpose.

Causes of child trafficking may be determined by main two factors i.e. Push factor and pull factor. Push factor means those factors which cause a person to be pushed out of the community. These are factors create a situation that causes a person to be moved out and trafficked from the source area. Similarly, pull factors are the factors that act on the demand side or the final destination causing the person to be pulled to such a place. Pull factors determine the type of person to be trafficked, especially the age profile, the sex profile, the physical features of the person as well as the source area, the transit routes, the revenue generated by traffickers etc. In common terms, the push factors could be stated as ‘vulnerability factors’ and pull factors as ‘demand factors’.

Some of the basic causes of child trafficking as discussed briefly :


Low levels of literacy, awareness and knowledge are risk factors attributable to the problem of trafficking. Economic deprivation and associated environment are also listed as
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