Causes Of Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence is one of the most major issues of today's Lebanese society, as well as all over the world. Domestic violence can be defined as a pattern of behavior which involves violence or any other kind of abuse against one another that is used in any relationships such as marriage, dating, cohabitation, family, or even friends where the partner uses his power in order to control the others in an abusive behavior through intimidation, fear, physical and emotional attacks. Domestic behavior has many names such as family violence, child beating, women beating, or family abuse. Domestic violence is not specific for certain families; it can happen to any person of any gender, race, or religion. However, this violence mainly faces women…show more content…
Every day we hear cases of domestic violence in a specific village in Lebanon. In rural areas or old villages the percentage of women being subjected to domestic violence is higher than that of cities because most of the men in these areas are of low education or illiterate, so they have no information that such violence is prohibited by the law. However, these people still have traditional believes that men have the whole power to control their women and children, and that they must not have equal rights to their men.

In addition, some abusers have some psychological problems that they don’t know. Most of these abusers feel that they want to control their partners because they lack self confidence, and have low self esteem. They may also feel jealous if their woman has much higher education than them which results in having extreme anger that will lead to abuse their partner.

On the other hand, drug and alcohol addiction may lead to violent behavior. Most drug users lose the control if they didn’t have the amount of drugs which makes them have violent behaviors toward their partner or even their
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Consequently these children grew up on being abused by their parents. As if they were raised upon this bad concept where they think that violence is the only solution to everything they face in their lives.
Finally, some financial problems and having money problems could be also factors for domestic violence. The person that is facing work issues and lack of money will definitely be stressed. Some people cannot control their stress unless they abuse their partners where they feel better in this way.

Effects of domestic violence on the children:
• Children are the image of their parents. Studies have shown that children who are often abused tend to become abusers themselves too.

• Children and women exposed to this domestic abuse will experience anxiety, fear, and unable to trust anyone.

• Children and women will also be hopeless and

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