Causes Of Transmigration In Indonesia

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Mudik tradition can’t separate from the history of migration in Indonesia. Based on the historical, since fifteen century, Minangkabau, an ethnic from West Sumatra did mudik tradition while maintaining traditional bonding with origin (Marwati and Santoso, 2008: 101-102). In fact, According Marwati and Santoso in ‘National Indonesia History’, there are some reason people did migration in the past. First, demographic is one causing of migration for decades ago before Indonesia’s independence. Since, the region with dense population forced migration to extend the reach of agricultural technology. Therefore, the host region was still has possibility to be developed. Second, another motives to do migration was economic pressure to find new production.…show more content…
The VOC weapons domination since ruled the archipelago was evoked population migration to hinterland. However, migration in Indonesia occurs more frequently in twentieth century. After independence, the government did transmigration to reducing the rate of population density. On the other hand, transmigration involves not only government, but also spontaneous migration. The map shows the most populated areas is Java Island, which reaches 600-1,299 people per Kilometer Square. While, the largest population in Indonesia in Java Island, Papua is the most less populated area in Indonesia. The second populated area is Bali that reaches 200-599 people per Kilometer Square, which followed by three province of Sumatra Island: Lampung, West Sumatra and North Sumatra. Furthermore, both of South Sulawesi and North Sulawesi is the largest population in Sulawesi Island. It can bee seen that another area covering in light green color is less populated area in…show more content…
This activity blamed as social problem in the big city (Maman S. Mahayana, 2011). According to Indonesian Dictionary Mudik term always linked to go to udik (backwoods) and another means homecoming (Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia (KBBI), 2005: 758). Mahayana states that the seconds meaning of mudik in KBBI is interrupted and constriction the meaning of mudik. He added mudik hasn’t been interpreted as homecoming until 1970s and it hasn’t related to religion feast day, especially Moslem feast day Idul Fitri. In 1970s, Jakarta is the only one of the biggest city in Indonesia, which Governor Ali Sadikin (1966-1977) had succeed to change that nation’s capital becoming metropolitan and the center of social orientation, culture, politic and government. Jakarta is becoming the place to obtain money and getting work easily. Mahayana estimated there are more than 80%, the urban came into Jakarta to find a job. Half of them are educated people and the other is unwell educated. Hence, sociologically mudik was tradition derived from middle lower class, which on one hand they’re still have bonding with their home once another was reluctant to stay in Jakarta. Mahayana has also said that mudik, especially in Idul Fitri didn’t have the roots of cultural and tradition in Indonesia rather than social problem that caused by centralized administration in Jakarta. He added that Mudik to celebrate Idul Fitri was only special moment to

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