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  • Indonesia History

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    Indonesia – Indonesia is officially known as the Republic of Indonesia located in South East Asia and Oceania. The country is an archipelago consisting of 17508 islands. It is spread across 33 provinces and 1 Special Administrative Region. It has an estimated population of approximately 252 million people which makes it the world’s 4th most populous country. The government consists of an elected legislature and a president. The Capital of Indonesia is Jakarta and the country shares its borders with

  • Dutch Colonialism In Indonesia

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    Sukarno, the most admired president in Indonesia, conveys his nationalist perspectives by articulating all the different manners of colonialism (Britannica). The Dutch once colonized Indonesia for 150 years (weloveindonesia). In that long period, Indonesia was reshaped in different aspects. Dutch Colonialism impacted modern Indonesia in. The Dutch impacted Indonesia in politics primarily in legal system. Another influence that the Dutch brought to Indonesia is Christianity. Last but not least, the

  • Indonesia Geography Analysis

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    This chapter presents an overview of the Republic of Indonesia, West Java Province and the research area, Kabupaten Subang, and its geographic location within the West-Java Province. It contains a brief description of the geographical and historical background of Indonesia, commencing from its geographic location and figures, its ancient history, through the Dutch period up to and after independence. As an island country in South-East Asia, its strategic position on a crossroads between two oceans

  • Essay On Indonesia Democracy

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    Period Our country, Indonesia, had been through a lot of history. Histories like the times where the citizens still suffer during the attack of the Netherlands and Japan. Times when we finally succeeded in proclaiming our independence, times when we struggle to be a democratic country, and a lot more. Even though most people known Indonesia as a democratic country, Indonesia’s democracy had gone through a lot of changes since the day when we proclaimed our independence. Indonesia has gone through three

  • Labor Migration In Indonesia

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    THE ISSUE OF LABOUR MIGRATION IN INDONESIA Introduction Indonesia is the largest island-country in the world, which made up more than 17,000 islands. There are about 260 million people live in Indonesia. As the largest island-country, Indonesia has many tribes, cultures, local languages, and religions. The one that unites these diversities is the principal and foundation of the country, known as the Pancasila (Five Principles). Thus, this makes Indonesia’s motto as “unity is diversity”. It means

  • English Language In Indonesia

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    English Language is one of international language. A lot history in English language, as well as in Indonesia. As we know that the primer language in our country (Indonesia) Indonesia language itself. But, globalization in the world make a significant change. The history started from before independen of Indonesia. The Dutch, who occupied Indonesia for over 350 years, from 1595, were loath to provide any education at all to the Indonesian population. During the Dutch colonial period, few Indonesians

  • Indonesia Tourism Analysis

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    Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia, constitute an archipelago where the nation living within arid and humid tropics in more than 17.000 of volcanic islands. Home of hundreds ethnic groups which has many different languages. However a common language is Bahasa Indonesia. It is known for its multiple cultural beliefs and religion spreads from Sabang in western Aceh till Merauke in Papua. Extremely explore over 5200km between the Asian mainland and Australia. Exploring the Indonesian archipelago

  • Mudik Migration In Indonesia

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    Mudik tradition can’t separate from the history of migration in Indonesia. Based on the historical, since fifteen century, Minangkabau, an ethnic from West Sumatra did mudik tradition while maintaining traditional bonding with origin (Marwati and Santoso, 2008: 101-102). In fact, According Marwati and Santoso in ‘National Indonesia History’, there are some reason people did migration in the past. First, demographic is one causing of migration for decades ago before Indonesia’s independence. Since

  • Indonesia Book Review

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    Nowadays, Indonesia is different from the other countries because it is considered as a nation-state with approximately 17, 508 islands. Then, it is a bit confusing to know how and when the idea of Indonesia comes out with the complex of its varieties of religion, geographical and diversity ethnic. So, it is meaningful and interesting to understand the process and factors of “making Indonesia”. Then, I find a book “The Idea of Indonesia: A History”, which is written by R. E. Elson, is published

  • Cigarette Smoking In Indonesia

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    1.1 Background Indonesia is one of the developing countries that have high levels of consumption and production of cigarette. Variation product and price cigarettes cause Indonesia has become one of the producers and consumers cigarette the largest in the world (Anies, 2006). According to the Director of the Directorate General of Customs and Excise, Frans Rupang, permitting the establishment of a cigarette production is relatively easy. Now we have at least 3,800 cigarette factories, including home-based

  • Essay On Indonesia Conflict

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    Introduction Indonesia is one of the countries with the most diversity inside. As one of the most ethnically diverse societies, Indonesia consists of 1,300 ethnic groups with at least 95 percent native to the archipelago (Yuniarni, 2016) and 71.8 percent of Indonesian villages have the composition of multi-ethnics resident (Kemendikbud, 2016), it is a big number of diverse and also big possibility for conflicts to occur. After 72 years after Indonesia declare their independence, there are so many

  • Dutch Imperialism In Indonesia

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    Indonesia is a unique and diverse country in Southeast Asia and has a truly remarkable history, in which former Dutch imperialism stands out among other significant events. Imperialism is the practice of extending rule and power to regions outside of the country which holds it by creating colonies. In 1602, the Netherlands founded the East India Trading Company, abbreviated VOC for Dutch “Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie”, to trade spices in Southeast Asia, mainly Indonesia. (van Dam 1) As they

  • Labor Migration In Indonesia

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    THE ISSUE OF LABOUR MIGRATION IN INDONESIA Introduction Indonesia is the largest island-country in the world, which has more than 17.000 islands. There are about 260 million people live in Indonesia. As the largest island-country, Indonesia has many tribes, cultures, local languages, and religions. Therefore, the one who unites them is the principal and foundation of the country, which is the Pancasila (Five Principles). This is why Indonesia’s motto is “unity is diversity”. It means that the

  • Summary: The Influence Of The Dutch On Indonesia

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    ruled over Indonesia for over 300 years, 350 to be exact. The Dutch ruling over Indonesia lead their country to be taken by the Dutch. In many of the time, the Dutch taught them education to improve their understanding about their jobs and the Dutch. The Dutch took and changed a lot of their property, the economy in Indonesia changed, same as their politics and their art, which lead the Indonesians to have an advantage of taking back what’s theirs. The Dutch was a strong country but, Indonesia were still

  • Essay About Culture Of Indonesia

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    It is true, if Indonesia is known as one of the countries that has many natural resources that won 't even run out. But in addition to the rich natural resources, Indonesia is also known as one of the country with many cultures where every city has the characteristic of each to become a symbol of their city. A simple example can you see such ethnic Betawi. Ethnic Betawi which is part of the capital city of Indonesia has a culture very good variety of food, historic buildings, traditional clothes

  • Garuda Indonesia Case Study

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    Individual position: Line Pilot in Garuda Indonesia Status: Captain Organization Profile PT Garuda Indonesia is a state-owned company that becomes the first and largest carrier in Indonesia with 64 city destination and 134 aircraft in operation. With its service-oriented approach, Garuda Indonesia aims to become the leading service provider for air travellers and air cargo shippers in the nation. From its 70 years experiences in the aviation industry, Garuda Indonesia has been acknowledged as World’s Best

  • Essay On Palm Oil Indonesia

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    Palm Oil Controversy in Indonesia In the land of disappearing trees, Indonesia is wasting no time in expanding the palm oil market in light of high global demand. Not only can it be used in food, cosmetics and even biofuel, but it also has a longer shelf life than most vegetable oils, and is also the most productive seed; one hectare of palm oil plantations can reap a whopping 5000kg worth of Crude Palm Oil (CPO) (Butler, 2006). As a result, Indonesia, drawn in by the booming palm oil market, aims

  • Indonesia Political System Analysis

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    Background of Indonesia Indonesia is a country which is situated in South East Asia. This country is located between the South of Malaysia and North of Australia. Based on 2017 World Population Review (2017), Indonesia is 15th biggest country in the world. It contained many provinces with a population of 260 million of people. In addition, Jakarta at Indonesia is the capital city in Indonesia which most population exist. Garuda which is an eagle that come from myth is the national symbol in Indonesia which

  • Indonesia Market Model Essay

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    Indonesia is a country that has great economic potential inside it; a potentioal that has been noticed by other countries because of the resources in Indonesia. It is one of Southeast Asia’s largest economies that rapidly showing signs of newly advanced economic development. The economic condition in develop countries including Indonesia cannot be separated from the influences like economic system and economic development pattern that has been applied, the development of physical infrastructure

  • Executive Summary: The Macroeconomics Of Indonesia

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    Ashton Mason Dr. Watson Macroeconomics November 13, 2014 The Macroeconomics of Indonesia When considering the world’s most prestigious economic systems, Indonesia would not likely come up as a top contender. But right now, Indonesia is 18th in the world for the largest economy. That is quite a jump then what most people, like myself, would have thought. And remarkably, they are still growing! “After the Asian Financial Crisis of the late 1990s halted a booming economy fostered by the Suharto government