Censorship In Fahrenheit 451 By Ra Ray Bradbury

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The book Fahrenheit 451 explains that censorship didn’t start with the government it started with conflict between minority groups and technology that allowed entertainment to be more easily digested without offending anyone.
In the book Fahrenheit 451 books have been banned in society by the government itself. If any books are seen they are burned right away and the house of the owners. Ray bradbury is the owner or author of the book Fahrenheit 451. In this society knowledge was banned to have, it was prevented because the government felt like society was becoming too dangerous. Censorship is when something is blocked from anyone not allowing anyone to see. This book has plenty of ideas dealing with censorship in it. The government do anything to prevent the society from becoming smarter. The society has and is full of terrorism, the local companies or private is along with the government banning anything having to do with knowledge. …show more content…

In the book Fahrenheit 451 censorship made you think before you did anything there was no time to make any mistakes. Everything was limited of what you could do by the government in this society, everything having to do with knowledge was gone down the drain. This was a very dangerous society and a dangerous one at that to live in. Everyone should have freedom no matter what the deal was and this society didn’t of that. This society had much drama and fear in it, it was a scary place to live knowing that you don’t have any rights or any kind of freedom. According to the people were to be dumb so that society could be more safe to live in. Fahrenheit 451 was an example of a world filled with dystopia, where there was nothing but chaos in

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